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On 16-17 May 2016, 18 student teams came to Odesa to participate in All-Ukrainian debates on sustainable development. Debates, organized by the National Network of Partner Universities with support of the CBA project, were taking place for the fifth time. This year the event gathered more than 70 participants. All of them passed through the semi-finals in their own universities.

  • Promoting SDGs through the All-Ukrainian Student Debates
  • 75 participants from 18 partner universities
  • As the result of a specially organized panel discussion on SDGs, students voted for 4 Goals: 4th – quality education, 9th – innovation, 11th – smart cities, and 16th – peace and justice.

During the debates each team received one of the Sustainable Development Goals selected on a random basis. Team than had to give a short presentation of the Goal to present their arguments in its favour and prove its importance. As the results of this panel discussion on SDG, the participants voted for 4 goals. These are 4th - quality education, 9th - innovation, 11th - smart cities and communities, and 16th - peace and justice.

The winner of the debates was Donetsk National University evacuated from the occupied Donetsk to Vinnytsya. In the framework of the student debates, there was also a presentation of Sustainable Development Goals conducted by the CBA Project. The participants learnt how Sustainable Development Goals were developed as well as Ukraine’s and students’ role in implementation of the Goals. The students were encouraged to contribute their creative ideas and know how when the national development plan will be developed.

  • Promoting SDGs through the All-Ukrainian Student Summer School on Local development
  • 18 partner universities participated

Students from 18 CBA partner universities participated in the 5th CBA student summer school in Kamianets-Podilskiy. First three days of the school were traditionally aimed to train youth in different aspects of local development and participatory governance, and two more days were organized in line with SDG localization and promotion.

During first three days a number of trainings and so-called World Cafés were conducted on community development, social mobilization, personal motivation in communities, interactive games on how to activate young people in the villages, strategic planning in communities etc.

At the fourth day a special session was organized and conducted to raise youth awareness of the SDGs, to form a deep understanding of the SDGs based on the example of the CBA communities and how they can be reached on local and national level. During this interactive training students developed their own strategies of reaching SDGs in CBA communities. The theoretical knowledge was solidified by the field visit to the CBA partner community, where the youth learnt how local communities implement their initiatives and how they mobilize themselves to improve living conditions in their communities.

During the whole week students participated in special activities with the goal to promote SDGs at local level in Khmelnytskiy region such as: interactive workshops in the open air, flash-mobs on the town hills, SDG games. One of the most interesting parts was a specially organized photo contest with active involvement of local citizens to raise their awareness on SDGs. Students together with town residents prepared photos on the streets to symbolize and personify each of the 17th SDGs, by promoting SDGs among locals.


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  • Promoting SDGs during the Sustainable Development Week all over Ukraine
  • 17 regional universities participated

On 25-28 April, the UNDP/CBA Partner Universities Network organized Sustainable Development Week that included numerous student activities focused on sustainable development and environment protection.

17 Universities participating in the Network volunteered to participate in Green Tree Challenge that envisaged planting trees to commemorate 17 Sustainable Development Goals to be attained by 2030. The students also came up with other ecologically oriented activities including waste paper collection and battery recycling.

As Sustainable Development week coincided with several other important dates, like Earth Day and Chornobyl Disaster anniversary, there were thematic lectures, round tables, films and photo exhibitions offered to the students.