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The year 2015 presents us with an opportunity that will not come again our generation. As an important contribution to the negotiations leading up to the September 2015 summit, the Secretary-General informally presented an advance unedited version of his synthesis report to UN Member States on 4 December 2014 to assist their preparations.

According to the Synthesis Report of the Secretary-General, On the Post-2015 Agenda, “It should by now be recognized that no society can reach its full potential if whole segments of that society, especially young people, are excluded from participating in, contributing to, and benefiting from development. …” . The synthesis report comprises 17 Development Goals that presented dignity, people, prosperity, the planet, justice and partnerships as an integrated set of “essential elements” aimed at providing conceptual guidance during discussions of the goals and Mr. Ban stressed that none could be considered in isolation from the others and that each was an integral part of the whole.

Read the full text of the report here.