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This report presents a vision of post-2015 development priorities based on the & ndings of national consultations held in Ukraine between January and April 2013.

It provides a synthesis of public opinion, expert analysis, and the views of individuals that were expressed during the national consultations and in surveys. The report also includes recommendations on how to ensure sustainable human development in Ukraine and in the world.

The report was prepared by the team of high-level experts comprising Ella Libanova, Olha Balakireva, Andrii Yermolaiev, Viktor Shcherbyna, Volodymyr Lupatsii, Olha Pishchulina, Olena Kochemyrovska, Yaroslav Zhalilo. The overall facilitation and coordination of the national consultations was ensured by the UN Interagency Post-2015 Development Agenda National Consultations Task Force, with contributions from UN agencies, funds and programmes.