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The goals of sustainable development in Ukraine will be a new system of mutually agreed management measures for economic, social and environmental (environmental protection) measures aimed to build public relations on the basis of trust, solidarity, equality of generations, and a secure environment. The basis of sustainable development is the inalienable human right for life and full development.

In the process of defining Sustainable Development Goals in Ukraine, relevant goals and indicators for the long-term perspective, it is necessary to take into account global development benchmarks, the principles of sustainable development and public opinion regarding the vision of future development. World experience shows that social progress largely depends on maintaining a balance between the goals of supporting economic growth, business competitiveness, ensuring environmental security and reducing social inequality. In order to achieve long-term goals, certain short- and medium-term tasks must be consistently implemented. The prerequisites for achieving all development goals without exception are quality governance, eradication of corruption, and public support. Accordingly, good governance, fair and transparent government, public participation in decision-making and control of their implementation must be taken into account when formulating strategic goals.

According to the United Nations Development Group (UNDG, 2013), there are strong voices demanding that civil society fully participate in the design of post-2015 policies in order to create functional national systems. Civil society must play a critical role in fostering advocacy and mediation in policy development, identifying crucial development priorities, proposing practical solutions and policy opportunities, and criticising impractical or problematic policies (UNDP, 2014).

Specifically, CSOs must work to localise these goals in four key areas: giving a voice to the poorest and most marginalised citizens, serving as agents of accountability, acting as a service delivery provider and monitoring progress through data collection and reporting.

Today, Ukraine has great potential for development, including the goals of sustainable development, a large number of NGOs are working to improve SDG. Some of them are listed in Table 1.

The new goals should ensure the integration of efforts for economic growth, the pursuit of social justice and the rational use of nature, which requires deep socio-economic transformation in Ukraine and new approaches to opportunities for global partnership.